PetalPurse - a floral registry

The engaged couple consults with flowers by the greenery [fbtg] to design their floral vision for their wedding and/or reception; a contract is set with the deposit paid to fbtg to guarantee the date.

fbtg provides the engaged couple with enclosure cards (free of charge) for their invitations (shower and/or wedding) to advise guests the couple is registered with petalpurse and can either call fbtg or access the wedding on fbtg's website. Instructions will be included on the enclosure cards.

fbtg will create a discreet product (i.e. Shaw-Agatone Wedding) within the gift category on the fbtg website to enable guests 24-hour access to gift the couple.

The product will expire one week before the wedding, when the final balance will be due (for those who opt to use the registry) from the couple. If the full amount is met, the product will expire when paid in full and fbtg will notify the couple.

fbtg will provide the couple with a list of guests who gifted to petalpurse, complete with addresses, phone numbers and gifts once the registry is closed. fbtg will allow the guests to opt to keep their gift amount undisclosed.

At no point will fbtg disclose to guests the cost (total or itemized) of the wedding floral.